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Comprendo composes and personalizes patient experiences with an educational, engaging journey to change behaviors, improve adherence and attain better health outcomes. Digital coordination of the care team and monitoring of the patient’s engagement reduces operational and readmissions costs by improving health outcomes and patient satisfaction.

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.
– Charles Darwin.


Learn how to

Engage patients


Healthcare systems

We offer healthcare providers
customized experience design on mobile platforms. Our solutions feature better patient engagement and tracking throughout the continuity of care. Increased engagement results in decreased readmissions and patient satisfaction.

  • Accountable Care Organizations
  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Home Care
  • Post Hospital Care Facilities

Health IT

We extend the patient experience through mobile solutions by partnering with health IT companies that are focused on accountable care, readmissions, remote monitoring and treatment.

  • Population health
  • Telehealth
  • Software and device providers


Helping patients take more ownership for their own healthcare, we use creative engagement techniques to address chronic conditions, hospital admissions and creation of healthy habits.

  • Admission
  • Hospital stay
  • Release from hospital
  • Recovery from surgery
  • Managing chronic conditions
  • Getting and staying healthy






Michaela feels less anxious about the delivery of her first baby because she used a visitor guide app which educated she and her husband on what to bring to the hospital, maps and directions, what to expect during her stay and the available services and amenities.



Heart valve replacement


Hospital Stay

Martin learns about what to expect before and after his surgery by using his heart surgery specific app on his tablet during his hospital stay. His personal schedule for all procedures and routine care is at his fingertips. He takes quizzes on infection prevention and care for his incision, as well as about eating right, exercising and monitoring his health stats.



Recovery from heart surgery


Home recovery

Teresa and her family have been worried about her recovery at home considering she was fatigued and weak before her by-pass surgery. The app she used during her hospital stay also provides a complete recovery and lifestyle plan. The continuity from surgery to home and the reinforcement of a care plan greatly reduces the likelihood that Teresa will have a problem that may cause readmission.





Managing Chronic Conditions

Alan uses his app tailored to Type II diabetes to better manage his lifestyle and diabetic care. His app integrates with his glucometer while tracking other health metrics including diet, exercise, weight and symptoms.



Overweight with Hypertension


Getting and Staying Healthy

Alice struggles daily with a healthy weight. Through her app, she discovers helpful choices and has learned techniques to stay motivated. Since then, she has been able to achieve her goals each week, especially knowing that her physician and dietician can monitor her progress. Alice has not only lost weight, but has been able to lower her blood pressure as well.



Knee replacement


Release from Hospital

Jamie is anxious to hit the courts after his knee replacement. His joint replacement app provides checklists for hospital release, pre-scheduled appointments and includes videos to help prepare for rehab and other post-op related activities.

You‘ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology – not the other way around
– Steve Jobs

Learn how to

Reduce readmission rates


Reimagine patient care

Comprendo guides your healthcare teams to reimagine how technology and new methodologies can integrate with and enhance your offerings.

  • Identify specific touch points between the patient and the ecosystem of care.
  • Define the ideal outcomes within each touch point.
  • Measure the variance between desired outcomes versus reality.
  • Collaborate to create solutions to address variances.
  • Assess technology platform options.
  • Extend and connect the continuum of care to increase adherence and decrease costs associated with readmissions and ongoing care.

Compose experiences

We collaborate with smart care teams to identify and compose experience pathways that provide quality choices encouraging patients to take personal responsibility for their care. Our solutions draw the patient’s family, friends and care team into the experience.

  • In depth patient discovery and understanding to guide experience design.
  • Incorporate behavioral change through goals setting, tracking, social and enhanced interactive experiences.
  • Innovative educational techniques, reinforced by timely
    messaging and reminders.

Guide social technical change

Comprendo partners with organizational change experts to design a healthy socio-technical fit between the user, provider and technology.

  • Organizational assessment services
  • Rollout of new technology and methodologies
  • Training for adaptive, accelerated collaboration

Measure progress

Engagement goals provide structure for data collection, monitoring and measurement to assess progress and validate success.

  • Real-time access to patient usage data
  • Notifications and alerts critical to patient outcomes
  • Reporting of trends and overall usage
  • Compare engagement to HCAHPS results

Continuous iteration

Comprendo’s platform supports iterative changes based upon patient data and usage. We improve efficacy and learning through continuous monitoring and testing of content and design techniques to optimize patient engagement.

  • Easily incorporate discovered best practices
  • A/B testing supports evaluation of alternative approaches.
  • Proprietary Design Center for effortless content and path composition

Integration with partners

Extend Health IT and Population Health capabilities with patient data collection, monitoring of progress and risk through secure cloud-based integration.

  • Seamless integration between apps, sensors and devices
  • Real-time access to patient usage data
  • Notifications around changes in medical conditions
  • Reporting of trends and overall usage

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Personalize a care plan



Comprendo is innovating patient care by composing and publishing beautifully designed experiences without the need to update platform specific apps. Our team, made up of accomplished technologists, experience designers and behavioral experts are a diverse group dedicated to advancing patient engagement technology.


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